About Me

I am a qualified Coach working with individuals that desire to move forward in their lives.  I have over 10 years’ experience of mentoring and coaching both individuals and teams in the work place.

I decided to formalise my experience and qualified as a Personal Development Coach, working with individuals and small groups. I then achieved my Youth Impact and Education Diploma to support my work across the education sector.

My passion is to help and support people that want to move forward in their lives and achieve their goals and fulfil their aspirations.  My own experience has taught me that sometimes you need a little bit of help to get started.

Working with my clients gives me the opportunity to share my expertise, tips and techniques, create a collaborative and positive pro coaching experience that helps you to remove obstacles and achieve your goals successfully.

My aspiration is to inspire you so that you see the best you can be, fulfil and reach your potential successfully.

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I tried life coaching because I knew I wanted things in my life to change but wasn’t sure how to go about it by myself.  Apinder was invaluable in helping me identify, prioritise and achieve several creative goals over a course of our coaching sessions.  The meetings helped me focus on what I most needed to achieve and knowing that I would have to report back on progress gave me the motivation to actually do it!! At the same time, Apinder’s sense of humour made the sessions fun and engaging, she understood my individual requirements and he clear guidance gave me direction not only during the sessions but beyond as well. I would absolutely recommend Apinder to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lives.

Eve L, London

Apinder knows how to coach people. You can immediately tell she loves this work.  She has developed her considerable experience over several years and can really deliver results for her clients. Apinder is also a lovely person to spend time with – calm, warm-hearted, kind, knowledgeable.  She has a gentle but firm style and helps guide you to see and understand how things are, what needs to change and how you, yourself, can make those changes.  A course of sessions with Apinder will help you move forward on your own terms, in your own way but with greater clarity and confidence.

Kay H, London

Having just gone through a particularly difficult crossroads in my life and wondering if I was making the right decisions, it really helped me to know that there was someone that I could talk to and trust my intimate details with. I found that Apinder listened to my concerns carefully and was able to understand what was being said regardless of how confusing or jumbled it is in my head.  Apinder was curious without being interfering and easily showed me that the solutions were there… within me. Apinder is very skilled at what she does, she does not come across forceful – and that was really important to me. She has helped me and my courage to face situations and with her help I was able break the whole thing down into actionable items. I am beyond grateful for Apinder’s guidance and the positive difference she was able to make in my life– I am a much happier person. I now look forward to dealing with situations rather than avoiding or stressing over them. Apinder is a fantastic coach… highly recommended.

Janet , London

I worked with Apinder looking for some coaching during a time when both my career and personal life had stagnated. This was causing me extreme levels of anxiety, frustration and confusion and impacting on my work and personal relationships.

Her calm and empathetic approach helped me take a closer look at myself and really see what I was doing and what I wanted for myself.

Her support and direction provided me with a framework which enabled me to take some pragmatic, simple steps (notalways easy) towards achieving my goals.

Not only would I recommend her to others, but now that I have a foundation, will be engaging her again intermittently in the future.’

Nim S, London