Children, Young People, Schools & Parents

Coaching children and young people helps to support them where they are able to cope better with transition, be more resilient to challenges, support their peers and deal with stressful times such as exams with more confidence.

Coaching teachers, parents and children helps to raise aspirations for all within a learning environment so that children feel supported when achieving their goals and leaving school as successful young people.

Having worked across the education and Children’s Services sector I am able to support schools and individual children and young people as well as parents in the following way:

  • Stress management workshops for teachers
  • Stress management workshops for parents
  • Exam and stress management for Students aged 16 -18
  • Coaching with children aged 11-18 both individually and in small groups to support development and learning, confidence and communication, resilience, achieving goals, and raising aspirations
  • Goal setting workshops with children aged 11-18